How to Clean Dog Poop out of Carpet


This is really challenging to know that how to clean dog poop out of carpet. As we know that it is natural process that a dog needs to poop but you never know if they poop on carpet or if they have diarrhea then how to clean dog diarrhea from carpet.

You will find all the answer if you completely read this article. Dogs are very loyal to human being and they love their master more than anything in the world.

If you have trained them for anything they would do it without thinking of consequences. They are real loyal friend on the planet earth.

It is up to you that how you train them and they will act same accordingly. It is same that if you train your dog to poop on the right place.

They will definitely learn it and you will be surprised knowing that they are better than human being.

They learn quickly but if they are not trained for formal things, you will definitely regret it later.

So, if the dog poop on carpet accidentally, then you should know that how to clean the dog diarrhea from the carpet.

How to Get Dog Diarrhea out of Carpet


It is difficult to remove the poop from the carpet as the thread of carpets are made in such a way that they are strictly bonding closely.

It easy when you apply warm water to remove the poop but warm water can make the carpet fabric loosen and will change it shape and color.

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Follow these Easy Steps to get Poop Stains Removed from the Carpet

1 – Never let the poop sit on carpet for long time

Never let the poop stains sit on the carpet for long time. Once they are sit on the carpet, you can not remove them even you try something very hard so make sure you have eye on your home holds and other carpet type things.

If you feel that dog did this, you should have removed it immediately.

2 – Use wiper first and then use wet moist cloth to remove the poop

Once you knew on time that dog has poop on carpet you can first use some kind of wiper to lift it from the carpet and then you should use the moist cloth to remove it well from the carpet.

3 – Bleach and liquid non-bleach powder for sticky poop on carpet

If this poop still sticking to the carpet, you should not be worried about it.

Take two or three cup of cold water and take one and half spoon of liquid non-bleach powder and bleach and mix it in a pot and use a tooth brush on stains.

Do not use bleach in bulk quantity as it can change the color of your carpet. You should use the bleach the cream in cold water.

It is better you smell it before you use it on the carpet as it has smell and you should not use it.

4 – Use cleaning solution or washing powder

You can also try on the first priorities the existing cleaning solution for the stains. It will be easily available in your home.

It can remove the stains from the root without changing the color of the object. You can use it and rinse the stain, until it gets removed.

5 – Use towel or moist paper

You can use towel as well instead of using tooth brush. If you see the stains are gone never wash your carpet with warm water as it can expand the size of the carpet or your carpet is when washed with cold water it remains on its position.

6 – If the poop left for hours use the baking soda

If the poop is stick to the carpet because of left for hours, you can use the baking soda mixed in water.

After you have used the baking soda leave it for few minutes and then use vacuum cleaner or hair dryer with high pressure and you will find you carpet as it was new.

How you can make your dog stop pooping on the same place


It is common that if your dog has poop on one place, they actually enjoy doing the same thing again, again and again.

To avoid such activity, you can use vinegar solution mixed with large amount of water and then you can use it on different places inside your home so your dog may prevent of doing such activity again.


  • Always use gloves while you clean the pop of your dog.
  • Use sanitizer after you’ve touched the dog.
  • Never go so close to the dog when he is eating and pooping.
  • you have to make habit of your dog to poop on the right place.
  • Never use warm water it will damage the fibers and color of your carpet.

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