Why My Dog Coughs after Drinking Water?


Why dog coughs after drinking water? It is really alarming and questioning situation that if someone is drinking water and cough got the throat so we should really be worried about it.

This is relaxing situation as any of the animal drink water to satisfy his thrust but if the dog is coughing, we should take notice of it on serous basis.

So, we will talk about all the consequences that are reason of such coughing and we should take care of these things so one couple not fight with life.

It is observed that that dog’s body is not same as we human have. The process of hydration among human beings and dogs is quite different.

Human body produces sweat in the body that causes de hydration in the body that is cured by drinking water.

It could be alarming in some ways but in most of the cases it is not a situation to worry about. As it is natural process and should be done in natural way.

If the dog is drinks water too fast then there are possibilities that the natural process may disturb and dog cough after drinking water.

We are humans and we inhale water direct into our throat by pouring it in a simple way but the dogs curl their tongue to drink water.

This may cause coughing of your dog or swelling his throat when they drink it too fast.

Why Does My Dog Cough after Drinking Water?


Other may say that I totally care and look after my dog in every situation and try my dog to drink water by myself that why does my dog cough after drinking water?

We are not sure the reason but there are possibilities that your dog maty be distracted by anything and water they drinking may go in wrong way so they this could be another reason that the dog coughs after drinking water.

There could be some diseases in their throat or medical issues that may causes coughing of dogs.

We are going to discuss these issues in detail to get rid of coughing while drinking.

  1. Kennel Dog Cough
  2. Hypoplastic Trachea Dog Cough
  3. Collapsed Trachea

Above medical issues are found in dogs and are very dangerous for them as they can lead your dog to serous situation and then to death. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

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1 – Kennel Dog Cough


Kennel Cough is bacterial infection among dogs that is spread by dog to another dog when they are kept in multi pet household place.

It is also known as common cold among dogs that is normal disease in its category. This is type of cough that could be very common in dogs.

Such type of cough spread when different types of dogs live in a same place and due to community.

This disease can be spread from one dog to another so it is necessary to keep your dog in an isolated environment where they are safe from other dogs.

This disease is common at the place where dogs are kept for selling purposes. Air can carry bacteria of this disease from one dog to other.

So, it is important that you vaccinate your dogs from an experience veterinarian while keeping dogs at multi point pet house hold places.

There are other consequences that your dog looks normal but internally it could take a fortnight period for sign visibility.

Solution for the Dog cough and gag:

  • Use salt water for drinking of your dog
  • Do not use neck belt during this disease
  • Try liquid food for your dog
  • Play with the dog during this period and use mask for yourself. Don’t let your dog stay isolated for long
  • Do not let them sniff or eat grass and dew on grass
  • Change the water 3 times in a day
  • Use milk mixed with water (not the pure one)
  • Use water mixed with brown sugar (but twice a week)
  • Take the infected dog in separate place or cage until it gets recovered
  • Take your dog to the veterinarian for cure of this disease
  • Follow the instructions and precautions given by veterinarian


Dogs can not deal with sugar in that way as human deals so be sure about the drink you are going to let your dog drink.

Because the best thing that can maintain the level of water and hydration is only water so use only water which is preferred for dehydration and let your dog healthy.

2 – Hypoplastic Trachea Dog Cough


This is another type of infection in the throat of the dogs. This makes the trachea narrow so even liquid like water causes pain in the throat and your dog coughs after drinking water.

For your information we would like to explain what trachea actually is? This is a type of tube that dogs use to inhale from their mouth.

It is very important for the transfer of food. In some cases, this tube turns to narrow and when dog drink water due to trachea the dog coughs.

This situation also has verities like only few dogs go through severe conditions but most of the dogs get recovered by separating them from others.

The reason is, narrowing of trachea in the adult dogs occurs only when the dogs eat the wrong food and the case of dogs it happens accidentally only.

There are only possibilities of narrowing of trachea is, the initial growth.

May be the dogs getting adult but the trachea is not growing with the age and when the stage comes when the digestion is on peak and a dog drinks water too fast, these are possibilities that a dog coughs after drinking water.

Solutions to Hypoplastic Trachea when dog drinks water:

  • It is possible that your dog infected by this disease and you go to the doctor and give a proper checkup of your dog by the veterinarian and they detect the infection on early stages so your dog may not go through such severe condition later
  • If your dog is facing problem in respiratory system, you should have notice it and take them to the hospital

3 – Collapsed Trachea


This is another type of narrowing of throat food canal. In this situation the membrane of trachea collapsed and pushed down.

In normal structure the whole of the trachea is made in such a way that just look like proper ring.

But when the infection spread, the ring begins to shrink and the whole of the trachea become narrow. It works on the basis of inhale and exhale.

When the air is pulled out from the rings it turns to flat in such way that shows that someone is pushing the ring downward and it get collapsed.

The proper air cannot be brought to the lungs so as a result, dog coughs after drinking water.

This situation and structure of trachea can be transferred from parents to pups. As it is also a genetic issue in some of the dogs.

If your dog is coughing with the dry cough and normally when they play and after playing, they drink water and coughs with harshness and water in their eyes, they are suffering from collapsed trachea.

Solution to Collapsed Trachea when dog drinks water:

  • If the weight of your dog is more than the normal dog you should have try to reduce it
  • Liquid food is preferable for collapsed trachea
  • Proper food should be use for this purpose

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