Top 5 Dog that Looks Like a Bear

We must know the pet dog that looks like a bear. It is just because you like the name of the pet and breed but you must also know if they really act like bear or they are just look like bear.

Dogs are friendliest breed to pet and are much loyal to their master. They love to play and love to cuddle with you. But a pure breed is necessary to keep as a pet so they could not harm your kids in case of your absence.

There are many breeds out there to pet for your kids but today we will discuss all those dogs which look like bears and I am sure that you will find your best pale today. Here is the list of friendliest dog breeds with fluffy appearance.

List of Top 5 Dog that Looks Like a Bear

  • Chow Cow
  • Newfoundland
  • Ovcharka Dog
  • Samoyed Dog
  • Keeshond

1 – Chow Cow

chow cow dog that looks like a bear

In china a dog that really looks like lion due to its appearance and fluffy hair style is named as chow cow. Locally this dog is called by the name Shongshi Quan which is as its name is and its meaning is dog that looks like lion and bear.

The dog is full with hairs and can be seen that its hairs does not bother and irritate but also you fall in love with the look that these dogs carry. These dogs are very friendly and can be carried inside your apartment with no extra care.

They love to play and your kids are safe with this breed of dogs. These dogs only can be seen in northern areas of china.

Chow cow dog life span is more than 10 years and their average weight is 70 pounds which is almost 25 to 30 kg.

The average height of this breed found in china and carries height almost 45 cm. The can live in hot weather and can be found in different colors like black, blue and red colors.

2 – Newfoundland

newfoundland dog that looks like a bear

Newfoundland dogs has much resembles with the dogs which looks like bears. Their eyes are small and eyes and face are covered with hairs.

They can frighten one with their bear look but they only look like bear otherwise they fall in the list of friendliest dogs breeds.

This breed is available in Canada and Newfoundland is province in Canada and these dogs are named after the location they are found.

The average lifespan of Newfoundland breed dogs is 5 to 10 years. And they carry almost 50 to 60 kg. They can be different if we talk about the colors.

But the appearance they carry is much important about their look and they look like bear that is why people love them.

3 – Caucasian Shepherd Dog

ovcharka dog look like bear

When we talk about the dogs that look like a bear you will definitely listen the name Ovcharka. Caucasian shepherd dog are pure breed found in Russia and most discussed breed and found over the steep mountains valley.

These dogs are also fluffy type when we talk about their outer skins. This is the only reason they look like bear. Their big fat mouth with short little ears, And black mature eyes over small nose with beautiful paws.

These dogs can easily live inside apartments and your kids will feel safe with these breeds. They are always considered best dogs for apartments and kids.

The average weight of Ovcharka is 10 to 15 years. And the average weight of these dog breeds is 90 kg. They colors they are found in are black, cream and grey. These dogs are also known by the name Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

4 – Samoyed Dog

samoyed dog that look like a bear

Samoyed Dogs are from handsome and good looking dogs. They are found in Siberia and Russia. This is the place where their name comes up and they are known as Samoyed dogs.

They got thick layer of hairs and extremely looks like bears. The Samoyed dogs are hypoallergenic and cause allergy to your body when they remain with you for long time.

They must be spray wit anti-biotic powder and should be taken to doctor regularly. The average life span of Samoyed Dogs is more than 10 years and they can last for 15 years if carried with care.

If we talk about the height of Samoyed dogs, it can vary from male to female. The female dog goes 50cm and the male dog goes up to 60cm with their height.

These dogs can be stubborn but very alert toward danger. These dogs are suitable for apartment but proper treatment is needed regularly to avoid infection like dermatitis. They are very friendly to other dogs and pets.

Samoyed Dogs can be found in many colors like pink white, cream white, biscuit white and cream color but white color is the most attractive color as they really looks like a bear.

5 – Keeshond

Keeshond dog looks like bear

Keeshond is lovely dogs with their beauty full outer skin and their friendly habits and social behavior. These dogs are found in Holland and are very well known breed to pet as dog.

Keeshond dogs are similar to bear and fall in the list of those dogs that looks like a bear. They are best for apartments as they do not spread dog’s allergic diseases.

These dogs are not Hypo allergic but you must keep going for a regular checkup to the doctor so they could make it sure they are not attacked by outer environment and could cause some serious disease for you.

The colors in which they are found are silver, black, grey cream and faded into different color with cream color. The average weight of these Keeshond dogs is 15 kg and can vary from pup to adult.

These dogs are can live up to 10 years and their average lifespan is 15 years. These dogs are very active by temperament and always remain calm. They can hunt and guard for you even they are small in size.

They can also become playing companion for your kids and can look after for them. They are small in size but greater in features and nature.

These dogs only can live inside Holland or the place where weather is moderated. They can survive in cold weather but they avoid living in summer and hot areas.

This can reduce their life span and can make them prey of weather. So if you are trying to buy any dog that looks like a bear or not you must keep in mind that if they can live in hot and cold weather.

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