Top 12 Dog Breeds That Look Like Pit Bulls


6 Dogs Which Look Like Pit bull

  1. Bull Terrier
  2. Boxer
  3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  4. American Bulldog
  5. Bullmastiff
  6. Presa Canario
  7. Cane Corso
  8. Dogo Argentino
  9. Ambulleneo Mastiffs
  10. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
  11. Black Mouth Cur
  12. Vizsla Dog

1 – Bull Terrier


Bull Terriers are dogs that look like pit bulls and have a very familiar appearance due to their glossy heads and deltoid eyes.

These dogs are a bit smaller in size than an average Pit Bull and they don’t classically have the same type of muscle description.

However, Bull Terriers are fairly similar to Pit Bulls when it comes to activity and movements. These canine buddies need sufficiently of exercises to boom.

As a result, they can be a bit of a trickle to deal with. They can get into distress if they don’t have the chance to get rid of their energy or if they’re left alone for too long.

They’re not suggested for new dog owners, but can be a pleasurable fellow of the family when they’re suitably trained. One thing you’ll have to keep monitor their territorial nature.

This breed is brilliant if you’re looking for a dog to keep your belongings safe. However, they’ll also pursuit around small animals every chance that they can.

2 – Boxer Dog


The dogs are one of the most famous breeds of dog in the US. They are actually working dogs and hunters also, as well as an outstanding protector dog.

Tall and honored, they can weight up to 80 pounds and often familiar by their colored coat. However, they can be white, brindled, or multi-colored.

This maybe adds to misperception with the pit bull, as many people have not seen this breed of any color other than fawn. The boxer is very intelligent and with great level of energy.

They are great with children but can be determined and defensive. Their prone to disruption such as unnecessary barking, chewing, and other irritation behaviours if they are not exercised much.

The boxer and pit bull have some character resemblances, as they can both be stubborn, good energy, and exceptional with children, but the pit bull is slighter and does not possess the boxer’s typical shape.

3 – Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Pitbull look alikes Staffordshire Bull If we see the appearance, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the breed that most thoroughly look like a Pit Bull.

They’re the most mutual dog to be mistaken for the breed due to their similar body and the shape of head. These dogs have that same square face and bulky neck.

Depending on their levels of activity, they may also grow visible muscle description in their legs and chest.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Contempt their destructive appearance, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are comparatively peaceful. They’re identified for their little anger levels and lively attitudes.

When they meet unfamiliar person, they’re more expected to reply well and provide beats rather than bites. They enjoy friendliness and stay loyal to their owners throughout their lives.

The breed is also known for their intellect and bravery. They take to training relatively well but have moments of confidence that can lead to some difficulties.

They can challenge dangerous circumstances without even giving it a second thought.

4 – American Bulldog


They are also dogs that look like pit bulls and usually white or mostly white with covers of color, these great friendly creatures can weigh in at over 90 pounds.

A working dog (like all bulldogs are), the American Bulldog is a great family pet similarly at home working on a farm or calming in an apartment—provided he gets sufficient exercise and is properly meet people.

The American bulldog is a talented hunting and sport dog and a beloved in the show ring. This dog comes in two types: normal and bully, with the bully type being thick set with a shorter muzzle.

While division many of the same great traits, is much lesser than either type of American Bulldog and varies very much bodily.

5 – Bullmastiff


Bullmastiffs are dog breeds that look like pit bulls but aren’t. Bullmastiffs are very gifted breeds. They’re aware breed that has a long and memorable history.

They’ve been bred as protector dogs for times, so recent pets will have no problem adapting to that role. They’re fiercely defensive and faithful to their owners.

Bullmastiff With that being said, they do need some firm training. These doggies are known for being a jiff stubborn and testing their boundaries.

It’s important to keep a severe behavioral routine to keep them in checked. While they may have comparable facial structures to a Pit Bull, there’s no mistaking the Bullmastiff’s size.

They are very bulky dogs that are, unfortunately, disposed to a deal of health problems. Bullmastiffs have a shorter lifetime than most dogs.

In terms of energy level, junior puppies are high-spirited and playful. As they get elder, these dogs incline to smooth out a bit.

However, regardless of their age, these doggie buddies are known for being messy creatures. In spite of all of their faults, Bullmastiffs are beloved dogs that will stay by your side no matter what.

6 – Presa Canario


The Presa Canario are dogs that look like pit bulls and big type dog. He can reach 140 pounds and have a powerful body. He is also a working dog, used for herding cattle and defending.

His personality can be hostile; he is only a good choice for a very skilled owner who can grip his size and attitude.

This is a big dog and he knows it very well. Aggression toward humans and other creatures can be awkward if he is not socialized properly.

The pit bull, in contrast, is much lesser and has a much welcoming, more family-oriented character.

The Presa Canario is a natural protector dog, with inborn suspicion toward humans and the “important” type of confidence we see with defending breeds, but the pit bull owns neither of these characters; they are not protector dogs.

The giant violent “pit bulls” we see walking around are repeatedly crossbred with the Presa.

7 – Cane Corso Dog


If you ever match the size of any Cane Corso with a pit bull. You’ll find the Cane Corso much larger than pitbull because they are at least ten to twelve pounds heavier than Pit Bulls.

An adult Cane Corsos are normally heavier. Why do people inaccurately believe the two are one? They have parallel muscular body forms, as well as those short-cropped ears.

Farmed to be guard dogs, Cane Corso takes their job truly. That said, we wouldn’t suppose an inexpert dog owner to handle a Cane Corso. Just their huge size is sufficient to threaten most newbies.

8. Dogo Argentino


These dogs are usually white-colored, another massive canine. They have something else in mutual with the other doggos on this list.

People complicate them for pit bulls. Actually, it’s the huge well-built frame that is responsible for the said mistake. As you’d suppose, this is an Argentinian breed hardly found in other parts of the world.

But those who want an energetic doggy partner can find them for adoption in rescues and shelters. Dogo Argentinos requires a well amount of exercise every day.

Doggos are another breed that shows very loyalty towards their owners. In any case, the Dogo Argentino is not a pit bull.

9. Ambulleneo Mastiffs


These dogs are newer breed that was deliberately created. They were bred to become the ideal guard dog.

Their breeding process involved 3 types of European Mastiffs and 3 types of Bulldogs. The final result was this unique puppy that’s known for its defensive nature.

These dogs attach relatively fast to their owners and are very thoughtful to human feelings. They need owners who will provide them good training without being too strict.

Training this dog is vital to certify that they can do their jobs keeping the family safe while not being a danger to other humans.

They do fine in family settings and offer excessive companionship. While they might have a parallel presence to Pit Bulls, they are naturally bigger.

Big males can weigh up to 140 pounds when they’re completely grown. They are very well-developed and have an threatening face that will scare away any intruder.

10. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog


This breed is a little doubtful and not well-known to most people, but it is an old dog breed which has been around for many years.

It is an forefather of the American pit bull terrier. This might be one of the causes why people puzzle the two breeds.

These dogs, must be very socialized at an initial age to prevent each dog from becoming aggressive. They are loving, loyal and good with children.

With the good initial training, they can make great family pets as well as outstanding guardians and protectors.

11. Black mouth cur


The black mouth cur is a doggy that bears completely no similarity to pit bulls, but they are still commonly mistaken for the breed.

These dogs has a thinner body smartness and is not usually as beefy or burly as the average pit bull. Black mouth cur’s commonly form a black or deep brown shading around the mouth and nose.

which sets them apart from pit bulls and most other dog breeds. They are most comparable to the yellow Labrador retriever in appearance.

12. Vizsla Dog


Viszla is sometimes mistaken for the pit bull, born with a golden brown coat of fur that is glossy in appearance. Their long ears hang down low and are truly droopy.

Vizsla has long legs and then tend to be tall and lean in height. The origin of this breed is Hungary and were bred primarily to be sport dogs.

They have defensive yet kind and loving characters and they are generally gentle in their behaviours.

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