Top 10 Most Friendliest Dog Breeds

We are going to discuss about top 10 friendliest dog breeds, It is not easy to find a thing that wins your heart. You may buy one thing that attracts other but if you are not satisfied with, it will always have a point inside your brain.

You go friendly with the product that resting your mind. Similarly, pet do have their own sense of humor and they also feel comfort with activities you do and the way they are treated.

Let’s look for the friendliest breeds of dog that could have find comfort with you even you are not friendly by nature. Dogs pay much concentration by the things, they are surrounded with.

They try to be as social as they could. They can be friendlier, if you pay little attention. The reward is big for your tiny attention you pay to them.

They convert to you with their full concentrations and give you more loyalty with your little effort. Many breeds are social but some of the breeds show extra attachments to their masters. I have list of Friendliest dog breeds that can prove they to be best friendliest pet with human beings.

List of Top 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds

  • Golden Retriever
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Bichon Frise
  • Bulldog
  • Coton de Tulear
  • English Setter
  • Havanese
  • Greyhound
  • Shi Tzu
  • Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
  • Siberian Husky

1. Bichon Frise

Your kids have lot things to play, but bichon frise is more than a toy as it living pet dog of yours. The breed is very beautiful by skin and by the appearance.

Dark color of eyes over white fluffy skin proves to be more attractive with friendliest behavior of bichon actually made you fall in love with this pet dog.

These pets are much socials and take no time to fall for you and turn toward you with all their devotions and play with you when needed.

The beautiful size of them, shows that they are only living awesome pet dogs on the planet earth. The fluffy white upper skin layer is very smooth and soft that one could become use to for this breed.

This pretty dog can be adapted by the one who live in apartments. These dogs are much sensitive y nature and need extra care and attachment.

If they are left alone for time, they feel it for sure and get much angry. Furthermore, they are allergic to hot weather and enjoy little bit in cold.
even they are playful to your Childs but you have to keep eye while your kids are playing with these pets.

They do not bark at strangers, event they show love toward strangers and fall in the breed of friendliest dog breed list.

These dogs are good companion of the person who look after them and they grow very slowly. Their height is normal from 10-12 inches and they can live up to 10 years if they are well look after.

You should not but this dog as they are only once trained and get attach to the person who is their first trainer. You should adapt them.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel friendly dog

Cavalier King Charles spaniel dogs are as attractive as their name is. These dogs are similar to the royal family kings and they apparently look alike a king who use to make hair styles in the past. These dogs are also having characteristics like kings and royal families.

They are very lazy in nature and always want back rub by the owner. They need attention actually by their masters and this is the classical way to get attention by the master to get rubbed on the back continually with their eyes close, dreaming for the female dog.

These breed of dogs love to travel to long journey. They want to visit different places, but they love their native home for permanent stay which is given by their masters.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel are also friendly. They just look like lazy dogs but they are very active. They can find you if you are playing hide and seek with them and this is because they can smell you.  It means if you are lost some how they will find you by your fragrance.

These dogs love to live in apartments as they continuous need back rubbing to relax themselves. They are allergic for being alone. They are much sensitive and feel so much about the behavior by the masters.

They are not weather friendly as they feel much cold as well as hotness. They live in moderated temperature this is the reason they are only available in limited countries.

They are very friendly for your kids and other pets. They are even friendly about the person who is coming with you and join you with this dog at your home and they feel it and behave like he is family member. But they smell and feel the behavior.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel dogs fall in friendliest dog breeds as they are easily convertible by the trainer. During training periods they follow the instruction given by the trainer and notice every single movement.

These dogs are bigger than lot of your other pets. If we measure them from paws to head they are almost 13 to 15 inches.  And have weight almost 8 kg or 20 pounds. The average lifespan of Cavalier King Charles spaniel dogs is almost 15 years.

3. English Setter

English setter friendly dog

English setter is very friendliest dog breed you will ever find. They are used for hunting purposes. They have doted body like smalls pokes on the skin but when you go for a close look they look prettiest as you see a teddy bear inside glass.

Their life span is more than other dog as they are very active and sharp toward the pointer for pre. They can live up to 15 years and their normal life span is 15-20 with a average look. They have more weight than the other dogs. Their average weight is almost 60 pound and many found in the range of 50 pounds.

4. Golden Retriever

golden retriever friendly dog

Golden Retriever is very active dogs with their extra ordinary qualities. They are best known dogs within America and considered friendly for kids as well as for adults.

People love to pet this breed as they look much like hunter dogs but they have tolerating nature. These dogs look more mature by face and some ego face. They can be adapted for your apartment and go good while you go for shopping and jogging.

These dog are not much tolerating for the ignoring behavior to them. They feel it so much and never forget the act you did to them. They need extra attention towards them. They are afraid of being alone and feel this painful. They can live in any weather either is cold or hot. They adapt the environment in no time.

They love the family to whom they are adapted and play with other dogs and pet. They show positive behavior toward learning and playful with your kids and social to the strangers.

These dogs are very intelligent and learn very quickly. You can train them very easily. But you have to give them time.

Lifespan of these dogs is more than 15 years and they carry almost 25 to 30 kg weight. They are playful dogs and love to play with the owner.

5. Bulldog

bulldog friendly

Bull dogs fall in the list of friendliest dog breeds at 4th number. In the past dogs were used to hush the cattle toward cattle fence. But now they are adopted as a pet.

Bull dogs were part of this tradition till 90s, but now they are considered best dogs to play with kids and best companion to adapt. They are full of energy and seem act like bullies. Their face is like a mature dog.

These dogs are best to keep at house and at apartments. They do not act odd even they are left alone at home. But you have to keep one thing in mind while you adapt these bull dogs.

They live at moderated temperature. They cannot bear very cold weather and hot weather as well. They live only at normal temperature. These dogs are not much sensitive. They adapt the environment very easily and show much affection toward the owners.

These dogs are much possessive about their master. They do not bear presence of other dog or other pet while they are cuddling around the house.

These dogs can easily be trained according to your requirements. But it took time to teach them. You must care for them and give time to them so they could become use to with your company and learn easily what you want to train them.

The life span of these bull dogs is more than 8 years and less than 15 years. They are 8 to 10 inches in height and 30 to 55 in weight.

6. Greyhound

greyhound friendly dog

Greyhounds are the most likely friendliest dog you want to see by your side while go for hunting and to take revenge from other. They are very lean by physic but they are very active by their work. They can find their target very easily while you go for hunting.

The average life span of these dogs is 10 to 16 years and they are mostly not much heavy but the average weight of these dogs is 50-85 pounds. They do not mostly collaboration with other dogs but they can live with them friendly.

If they are part of group of dogs they can live without any harmful activity but if they are not familiar with anyone they can bark at them but also they can tear them into pieces.

7. Shih Tzu

shih tzu friendly dog

Shih Tzu is Chinese word that is use for a lion cub or little lion. But your imaginations can think that it is like a predator. But these dogs are fall in the list of friendliest dog breeds.

They are as beautiful as their name. It is very active dog that can live inside your apartment with you and you can play with it, take a long sleep with it and it will not even bark. This breed is smaller in size and greater in falling in love with owners and mostly Shih Tzu is girl pet  and adopted by girls mostly.

8. Havanese

havanese friendly dog

Havanese is the dog we are going to talk about. They have lot of hairs on their body and their actual face cannot be seen in this way. They can be cutest friendliest breed one can see and one can pet it any way.

They are very expensive and they only live in specific areas according to the environment as they cannot bear much cold weather and they can almost bear the hot weather but he moderated temperature is required to pet these dogs happily. The average life span of these dogs is like other dogs.

They can live up to 15 years and even 20 years if they are care and captured well. They can be heavy due to their hairs on the body but this is not the only reason they can be ignored but this is the actual reason they can be pet to any home, department and apartment.

They are not much heighted but they can jump very high and they are known as friendliest dog breeds that ever live. They are friendly to other dogs and they are also friendly to the other pet you have own.

They cannot harm you either way as they are much cold minded animal. But as I said they are animal you should be careful about pet a dog like this.

9. Siberian Husky

siberian husky puppy friendly dog

Siberian Husky with many colors and beautiful black and white shade are said to be the colorful dogs as colors are printed with gradient shapes. They are beautiful as their name.

These dogs breed is very rare and look like a wild wolf we mostly see in movies. But these dogs are actually very beautiful and people love to pet them in their home.

These dogs are found in many colors and sizes but the medium Siberian husky is more attractive and fall in the list of friendliest dog list.

These dogs are very attractive by nature and one can fall in love with them and with their activities and their love for the master.

They act friendly with the strangers and other pet and dogs. But they remain the apple of the eyes of their master as they are much beautiful as well as their activities are much like wild animals but they secure these acts in limits so they are more loving than other breeds.

Their actual height is same as a wolf carry but they can be taller than the wolves and they can live up to 10 years and if they are look after more than average they can live up to 15 years. So the average life span of Siberian husky is 15 years kept with care.

10. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

petit basset griffon friendly dog

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is very cute breed dogs and they are much active dogs. They can also be known as hound as they are used for hunting. These dogs cannot be adopted as they are not much friendly when they are going to the other master who is strange.

But if they are grown up inside your arm with your training they will learn it by heart and they will always remember you as their master. The average weight of these dogs in 15 to 17 pounds and they are not much heighted.

But due to their active status they are very active. You should pet this dog to get yourself active. The average lifespan of these dogs is 15 to 20 years.

11. Coton De Tulear

coton de tulear friendly dog

Coton de Tulear are not only pet dogs but also fall in the list of friendliest dogs breed as they are always want a play mate to play all the day even. They are so beautiful and want to play and then they eat and then sleep. These dogs are very beautiful and their skin color is just like apple white.

These dogs are kept as pet mostly but you will see them as a member of rescue team. They are very active dogs and never fall for other families if you are going to adopt them just do not do this.

You have to buy it as a pup and then train it accordingly and then they will follow the signs learned by you. They can live in apartment with you as they love to. You have no need to worry about them even they are alone at home.

They can find an activity for their selves to live accordingly. They can guard your home in the absence. And they follow the suspicious activities.

They convert to social zone with family and accept it very quickly. They are other dogs and pet friendly and follow the activities of strangers but keep eye on them. They are not easy to train as they feel suspicious even about the trainer.

Never touch them when they are eating something as they can attack the one who is touching them while they are eating. It is because they think that you are going to snatch their food from them.

The lifespan of Coton de Tulear is more than 10 years. They can live more than a decade but you have to care for them. Their average weight is 10 pound to 15 pounds. Coton de Tulear fall in the list of friendliest dog breeds to pet.

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