What Age Can Puppies Have Pigs Ears? Important Factors

Feeding your puppy pig’s ears can be a good way to give them a yummy and healthy treat.

But you need to know when it’s the right time for your puppy to have pig’s ears, and you should also be careful about any safety issues.

In this article, I’ll talk about when it’s fine for your puppy to enjoy pig’s ears and share some advice for looking after your furry friend.

I’ll also talk about the good things pigs’ ears can do for your pup’s health and how to pick the best treats.

Lastly, I’ll answer common questions about giving pig’s ears to puppies,

So you can make sure your dog gets a tasty and healthy treat.

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Giving Dogs Pigs Ears

The discussion about when it’s okay to begin giving your puppy pig ears is mainly based on the good and bad sides of this treat.

On one side, pig ears can help puppies of any age clean their teeth and improve their breath.

They taste really good, which makes them a nice treat for all puppy ages.

However, it’s important to know that pig ears have quite a bit of fat.

If your pup eats them every day, they might end up with a tummy ache and might vomit or have diarrhea.

Because of this chance of not feeling well, it’s smart to start by giving pig ears slowly—just one or two pieces each week at first.

Watch how your puppy reacts and see if they’re okay before giving them more often.

When Can Puppies Start Eating Pig’s Ears?

Puppies should wait until they’re around 6 months old before having pig ear treats.

While pig ears are safe for dogs, it’s important to give them in small amounts.

They should be a special treat, not the main food for your puppy.

Start with tiny pieces of pig ears for your puppy and watch to see if their tummy gets upset.

Some vets suggest waiting until your puppy is fully grown (about 1 year old) before giving them this treat.

Keep a close eye on your puppy while they eat a pig’s ear.

They might try to gulp it down and could choke on a big piece.

If that happens, take the treat away right away and talk to your vet about how to safely give treats like this in the future.

Different Variety of Dogs Pigs Ears

Puppies of all ages sometimes like to have pig’s ears!

That’s why it’s important to know which type is best for each age group.

Pig’s ears can be made in different ways, like raw, smoked, boiled, or roasted.

Raw Pig Ears

It’s usually not a good idea to give raw pig ears to puppies who are less than six months old.

The bones can be tough for younger puppies to handle, and they might lead to tummy problems or even choking.

Smoked Pig Ears

Another option is smoked pig ears, which are usually fine to give to puppies as young as three weeks old.

The important thing is to check the cooking time on the package and only give your pup ones that are fully cooked.

Just remember, smoked pig ears should only be given now and then, not every day.

Roasted or Boiled Pigs Ears

If your puppy is over six months old and doesn’t have allergies or a sensitive tummy, boiled and roasted pig’s ear treats are good choices.

Boiling and roasting gets rid of any germs that might be on raw pig ears,

So they’re safer and your pup will really enjoy these yummy treats.

Nutritional Benefits of Feeding Pigs Ears to Puppies

Just like all pet parents, you want to give your puppy the healthiest food.

Pig ears might not be the first thing you think of, but they can have some interesting advantages.


Pig ears are really good for puppies because they have protein that helps them grow and develop.

And when puppies chew on pig ears, it makes their jaws stronger and keeps their teeth and gums healthy.

Chondroitin and Glucosamine

Pig ears are good for puppies because they have protein, as well as natural stuff called glucosamine and chondroitin that help your puppy’s joints now and when they’re grown up.

Also, the collagen in pig ears helps lower inflammation, which is a big reason for joint pain in dogs.

Puppies enjoy pig ears and they’re good for them, but keep an eye on how much they chew them.

Safety Guide for Feeding Pig’s Ears to Puppies

Here are some important things to remember when giving your puppy pig’s ears:

Trustworthy Source

When you’re buying pig ears for your puppy, make sure you’re getting them from a reliable place.

Look for products that are approved by USDA or AAFCO. If you can, go for organic ones.

This helps make sure the pig ears you’re giving your pup don’t have antibiotics or extra things added to them.

Do Not Feed Puppies Under 6 Months Old

Puppies’ tummies are still growing, and they might find it hard to digest tough things like pig ears if they’re too little.

So, it’s better to wait until your puppy is at least 6 months old before giving them new treats.

Make Sure Pig Ears Are Whole and Natural

You should check that the pig ears you buy for your pup haven’t been changed in any way.

They should have only one thing in them – the pig’s ear!

Stay away from things that are flavored or have other stuff added.

This can be bad for your pup’s health.

Different Options for Puppies Instead of Pig Ears

Not all puppies should have the usual pig ear to chew.

If your dog doesn’t chew things a lot, you might want to pick something else.

Both pups who chew a little and those who chew a lot can have whole cow ears.

There are also other choices that puppies can digest easily like Be Chewsy Pig Ear Alternative Chews.

They’re made from natural stuff that’s easy to digest for pups who might have tummy troubles.

If your pup wants more protein, there’s Wild Eats Water Buffalo All Natural Ear Dog Chews.

It has 12 times more protein than beef or pork and no extra fats, stuff to fill it up, or preservatives.

These options are like traditional pig ears for chewing, but they won’t make your pup’s tummy feel bad later on.


According to me the right time to give pig ears to puppies can vary, and it’s important to think about the risks for young puppies.

Remember, puppies need the right food for how old they are and how big they are.

Some pups might need to wait until they’re older to eat and digest pig ears.

To make sure your puppy gets the best food and a good start in life, it’s a good idea to talk to your vet and follow what they say.

Pig ears can be a really nice treat for puppies, but when to give them to your pup depends on each pup’s situation.

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